Services Provided:

  • Assessments
  • Consultation
  • Intervention
  • Workshops
  • Workplace Intervention
  • Professional Training

Why Intervention?

It can be difficult to talk to someone about their alcohol/drug use or other addictive behavior. Attempts to help or bring about change often result in frustrating unproductive confrontation. Systemic Family Intervention is different from other confrontational approaches. It is effective because it is a planned, proactive group process facilitated by a skilled professional interventionist.

Systemic Intervention recognizes addiction as a disease that affects and involves entire families, including the “workplace family.” It is a disease of denial characterized by unhealthy coping and attempts to manage the “problem.” It is not uncommon to ignore the addictive behavior, believe the promises, and pretend things will somehow get better. Systemic Family Intervention enables family members, friends, and employers to move out of denial and take positive action toward a solution and recovery.

Why Now?

  • Addiction is progressive
  • The Problems won’t go away, but will only get worse
  • Addiction can be fatal
  • Addiction can destroy family and other relationships
  • “Hitting Bottom” is not necessary for recovery to begin
  • Taking This Positive Step is the beginning for all involved