Jo Ann Towle, MA, CIP

  • Addiction intervention consultation
  • Family & workplace intervention facilitation
  • Private practice consulting, training, interventions since 1991

Intervention After 30 years based in northern CA, my new home is in the beautiful North Fork Valley of Colorado. While I do travel and maintain a national practice, most of my work brings me to the west coast, the San Francisco Bay Area, and families in the western mountain states.

My focus remains on how to best serve families and individuals seeking to be free of addiction, and hostage no more to its destructive impacts.

I invite your call so we might discuss your situation and needs. With a large referral network to draw from,  I will likely have contacts to provide if a referral is in order.

                                             CALL  415-860-8424

Effective Intervention

Intervention I have concluded is in large part “shame-busting!” I am speaking of effective intervention, the kind that brings long-term success; the kind that recognizes there is no “quick fix.” Shame paralyzes the addict and permeates the family system. It keeps the system stuck and allows it to get sicker ...
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